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Providing Leadership for Health Development

Our Technical Activities

Support the development of health-related research by:

  • Conducting research to expand and improve the scientific basis for health programming and practices.
  • Increasing the capabilities and skills of health researchers in population-based, clinical, health services and health policy research.
  • Promoting the development of the necessary financial, human, infrastructure and data resources.

Facilitate the use of the best available research and information for health policy and practice by:

  • Translating research findings and the lessons of experience into useful information for clinical services, programme management and policy decisions.
  • Disseminating up-to-date and evidence-based information to health research, practice and policies communities.
  • Enhancing communication and interaction between health services researchers and health policy makers.

Assist organisations and communities to address major health challenges and communities to address major challenges and improve health outcomes by:

  • Providing high quality technical assistance for policy and programme development and implementation.
  • Developing the capacity of health workers for improved health programming and management through training and mentoring
  • Offering health education and health promotion interventions to improve health knowledge and inform behavioural changes

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