This workshop was held at Academy for Health Development office, Ile-Ife, Nigeria from 11th to 15th July, 2016. The workshop was carried out to equip mid-level to senior-level health care professionals from APIN Public Health Initiative with practical and fundamental skills of manuscript writing and grantsmanship.

The workshop sought to: provide an overview of the process of medical writing; describe the important components of a standard original research article; describe the important steps in writing a manuscript; describe the process of manuscript preparation for final submission and orient the participants in the art of effective grantsmanship.

The workshop was competent-based and used adult learning techniques and participatory approaches, which enabled the facilitators and participants to optimally interact. The content systematically and painstakingly covered each section of manuscript development, from concept to submission and post-submission communications with editorial staff. The training also rigorously discussed the issues of research and publication ethics, including data integrity and plagiarism. Furthermore, the workshop practically exposed the participants to the use of relevant software (PubMed Medline, Endnote and anti-plagiarism software) and practically built their skills in the use of PubMed Medline and Endnote. Real life published articles were used to enhance learning, and there were robust sessions featuring critical review of selected publications.