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Introduction to Grant writing and Essentials of Project Management

As part of the relationship fostered between Academy for Health Development and Heartland Alliance International (HAI), and their commitment to grow healthcare systems that are efficient and reliable, AHEAD was once again called in to organize a 5-day seminar for the mid-level staff of HAI on the topics of grant writing and project management. Richman’s principle that successful health care for the 21st century calls for diversification of leadership capabilities and management styles that will enrich abilities to respond to the needs of all groups was the underlying foundation upon which the training was held.

It was expected that at the end of the workshop, the participants would;

  • Be familiar with basics of grant writing.
  • Understand effective project management principles and practices.
  • Acquire skills in key field management practices.
  • Develop greater teamwork, communication and self-management competences, and
  • be knowledgeable and prepared for effective crisis management.

The workshop was divided into 3 parts to promote an effective learning process and engagement for the participants.

Under the Overview of Grant application, participants were exposed to the concept of grant application, effective writing tips and how to justify, implement and report a good budget for grant application. They were also able to put their skills to the test by working on a genuine call for research proposals.

In Project Management and Implementation, participants encountered project management tools and were taught how to identify and respond to ethical and non-ethical issues that may arise on the job.

People Management Skills was an opportunity for participants to learn the relationship between the technical and leadership skills required for effective management. Crises management competencies and strategies, Emotional intelligence and crises management, and the Role of team work in project operations were just a few of the topics that were discussed in this section.

Evaluation was assessed through the daily verbal and written feedback that the participants gave. They gave their assessments on a number of things including; the learning environment, the course content, the quality of instruction and their level of satisfaction.

Suggestions like the addition of themes like ‘Conflict at the workplace’ to the curriculum and a longer training duration were suggested.

Apart from being armed with new knowledge and skills, participants were also certified at the end of the training.